Style Packages

All packages include a complimentary one-hour wardrobe consultation to determine styling needs and aspirations. Prices are customized per individual client. Don't see what you're looking for? Email me.


Retail Therapy


This is the personal shopping package. It includes a wardrobe consultation, 45 minutes pre-shopping at a store chosen with the client, a two & a half hour personal styling and shopping session, and a digital look book of outfits for future reference.

Party Closet


This package will help decide what stays and what goes in your existing wardrobe. After weeding out, sorting, and organizing her wardrobe, we will have a mini ‘photo shoot’ of the current looks. This service concludes with the creation of a digital look book, as well as recommendations for future purchases to fill out the holes in your wardrobe.

I Want It All


This is the combination of Party Closet and Retail Therapy and must be completed over two sessions. The first session includes the personal wardrobe consultation, closet revamp, styling current clothing and photo shoot, and shopping plan. The second day includes pre- shopping, a two & a half hour personal styling and shopping session, and a digital photo lookbook of the outfits. 

Additional Services



The most important step before any service. Can be completed over the phone, at your home, or in a coffee shop (or playground!) We will discuss your goals, expectations, budget, & lifestyle. We will examine what colors & shapes work best on you & make a mini mood board for wardrobe inspiration! 


Wardrobe Must-Have List


After the closet detox (or after an evaluation of your closet during the consultation) Merry Styling will make a specific list of items to complete your current wardrobe, along with recommended retailers based on your lifestyle & budget.


Closet Detox & Organization


During this closet cleanse, we will go through every item in your closet & decide what to keep, what to donate, & what to trash. Merry Styling will donate & trash items you do not wish to keep. Merry Styling will also provide sparkling water or wine & light snacks. Invite up to two friends over to make this a fun social experience for all! Children also welcome to supervise. This service takes approximately 2 hours.


Digital Lookbook


Merry Styling will take shots of your newly created outfits & write a bullet point description of each look including styling tips. This document will be sent to you within one week of your service.


Travel Packing


Too often we wait until the last minute to pack our clothing for a trip & end up having too much of what we don’t need & not enough of what we do! Packing is especially overwhelming for moms who are usually in charge of packing for everyone! Let Merry Styling help you create looks for your trip & pack your suitcase, so you are ready to travel in style. Travel packing includes a 30-minute consultation.


Personal Shopping


Do you have no time to go shopping? I know the feeling, & that’s why Merry Styling will shop for you, do a 1⁄2 hour fitting in your home, & return or exchange unwanted items. This is a popular service for children as well. It’s super challenging to shop for kids clothing when you are distracted or (gasp), the children are with you. Merry Styling can take out the stress! This service includes approximately 2.5 hours of shopping, fitting, returning, and exchanging.

Outfit Creation from Existing Closet


The most popular service! Merry Styling will come to your home & help you create outfits for whatever occasion you wish, whether it be a night out, park days with the kiddos, work outfits, or a combination of all! This service includes approximately 6–8 outfits in 90 minutes.

Photo Shoot Styling


Is it time for that yearly holiday card photo or are you planning a family photo shoot? It can be overwhelming to plan outfits for the family & keep everyone looking great during the shoot. After our initial consultation, Merry Styling can create a cohesive look for your family to meet your goals. This service takes approximately 1 hour.


Accessories Styling


Did you know that accessories can completely change the look if an outfit? A t-shirt & jeans goes from playground to date night with a few simple tweaks. Merry Styling can help you choose and/or style accessories with your favorite outfits. This quick service is a great mid-season pick me up for your wardrobe!


À la Carte

from $80.00

Need the right outfit for an upcoming event? A capsule wardrobe for a vacation? Personal shopping services over the holidays? A stylist for a family photo shoot? 

Contact me with your project and let’s work it out!

The Gift of Style

from $90.00

Merry Styling services are available to purchase as a gift by the hour or by package. The hourly minimum is one hour & includes a complimentary consultation.