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Is she, or isn't she? 3 tips to dress like a champ in your first trimester.

You're newly pregnant. Your boobs are bigger, your butt is bigger, and you generally feel like barfing all the time. You don't know what to wear, because your body is basically alien to you. I remember waking up every day in the first trimester and feeling so blah! I'm here to give you my three essential tips for first trimester dressing. 

1. Color is EVERYTHING. It lifts your mood, the most important part of style! Buy a new loose top or cardigan in the prettiest shade of your favorite color and rock it mama. Here I chose bright pink. I just feel inspired when I look at it! 

2. Boots. Wear them. They look kinda fancy and are comfortable. Ankle, knee high, or in between; they all work!

3. Accessorize! Carry a bag in a colorful print or wear a statement necklace. Bonus: necklaces draw attention to your new...ahem....cleavage. 

You know the most important part of these three tips? They are things I like to do with my style whether or not I am pregnant. Staying true to "my jam" when I was newly pregnant was an amazing way to keep positive! 

1st trimester or post partum.jpg

What are your three signature style tips? 

Style on!

XO, Laura

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