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Why Style Moms?

Since I began the journey of Merry Styling, people have asked me, “why style moms? They have so many other things to worry about.”

My answer is always that moms need style MORE than anyone!

But isn’t that superficial? Are you trying to say moms don’t have style?

Absolutely not. Many moms have great style. Some moms don’t try because they think they are being selfish to spend time on themselves.

Style is not superficial. Let me tell you why…

We spend the first 25 or so years of our lives figuring out who we are.

Party girl? Rocker chick? Business executive? Elementary school teacher? Ballerina? Artist?

A part of this evolution into ourselves includes a style identity. We become comfortable-ish with ourselves and our style. Or maybe we never become comfortable with our style. But mostly, we know who we are and how we like to dress.

Then…BAM. We pee on the stick and find out that we have a tiny little tadpole growing inside of us. It’s amazing, it’s fabulous, it’s a miracle. Mommy hood awaits!

From that BIG DAY to wherever we are today in our journey of motherhood, things change. Of course, the biggest being the child we must care for every minute of every day.

Other things change too. Our job might be different. Maybe we have gone from a corporate environment to working in the home. Maybe we are going back to school or changing careers.

Our new life is amazing, yes. But it’s different than it used to be.

Since the likelihood of poop and barf ending up on our outfits is high, many moms fall into the routine of childcare and forget about dressing themselves. Throw on some black yoga pants, a long sleeve T-shirt, a puffy vest, and a messy bun.

Weeks and months pass like this. We look in the mirror and feel blah. It starts to weigh on our self-esteem. The outside doesn’t match the inside, and we don’t quite know how to feel better.

We secretly yearn for the days of spa visits, salon visits, and clothes shopping for ourselves.

Then we feel deeply guilty for wishing for those things. Even guiltier if we partake in those “guilty pleasures.” Like it’s a disservice to our children to care about ourselves.

I am here to give you UNCONDITIONAL permission to still care about yourself.

It does not make you a bad mom if you…

·      Spend that money on a shirt for you instead of your two-year-old

·      Get a babysitter so you can get a mani pedi

·      Go out with your girlfriends

·      Take time to exercise

·      Read a magazine instead of doing laundry

·      Or do anything else besides laundry

·      Generally, care about yourself

You are, and have always been a precious, amazing person on this planet. You matter to the world.

So why style? Because personal style is one way you can take care of yourself. By taking a little extra time to plan your clothes and accessories, you will FEEL good about yourself.

Try it. You’ll look in the mirror one day and smile as you see the girl you used to be. Only better.

Because that’s the goal of styling. To be the best version of yourself, inside and out.

XO, Laura

Me and my little princess, Noelle. 

Me and my little princess, Noelle. 

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