Laura Pennington, Founder

Merry Styling is owned and operated by Laura Pennington, a personal stylist, mom, and former teacher located in San Francisco, California. Laura grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and relished the changing of seasons because it meant revamping her seasonal wardrobe! 

Style has always been a passion for Laura, one that stuck with her through her nine years as an elementary school teacher and through the birth and early childhood of her two children, Noelle and Lucas. When her youngest was six months old, she started working as a stylist with jewelry and accessories company Stella and Dot. Since then, she has earned a Fashion Merchandising degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, styled with nonprofit Dress for Success, and done various merchandising projects for different retail organizations. 

Laura knows that style is more than clothing and accessories. She has found it to be an amazing confidence booster. Finding the perfect outfit on a bad day can turn it into a great one. She is especially passionate about working with moms

Laura started Merry Styling because she wants to help other moms and anyone else who feels "left behind by fashion" to feel confident, empowered, and beautiful!